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You’re an impact-driven organization that’s passionate about your mission, about satisfying stakeholder needs, about designing and developing best-in-class products and services, about building and executing on go-to-market strategies that lead to profitability and sustainability.

Sometimes you need a hand. It could be short term or tactical in nature or longer-term and more strategic. 


And, you might not know exactly what you need.  All inquiries welcomed.

Organizational Strategy
& Planning

Tin Can helps clients chart a path forward, providing thought partnership and leadership on everything from organizational mission to business goals to measures of success.  

Deliverables range from vision and mission statements to business & marketing plans to intelligence dashboards to investor presentations and more.

Product Planning &

Tin Can helps clients build innovative, high quality, need-based products that are fully-aligned with business objectives. Includes web-based products & services, mobile apps, classroom tools & materials, and more. 


Deliverables range from customer research and needs assessments to product charters and requirements docs to longer term product strategies and road maps.

Strategic Sales &

Tin Can helps clients get their products to market via customer outreach, channel development and strategic partnerships.


Deliverables range from high-level marketing strategies to hands-on tactical plans, from product positioning and messaging to comprehensive content strategies, from partnership strategies to actual partner outreach and exploration.  

Need more details? Contact us

We're here to answer questions and to explore whether we can be of help.

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